People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
thought," said I, " you were of the party at the tea-treats—Miss Chudleigh is gone into the tea-room."—" Pshaw ! " said he, " there is no coming at her, she is so surrounded by the toupets "—And I left him upon the fret— But he was called to her soon after; and in flew, and his face shone again, and he looked smooth. . . .
Another extraordinary old man we have had here, but of a very different turn; the noted Mr. Whiston, showing eclipses, and explaining other phoenomena of the stars, and preaching the millennium, and anabaptism (for he is now, it seems, of that persuasion) to gay people, who, if they have white teeth, hear him with open mouths, though perhaps shut hearts; and after his lecture is over, not a bit the wiser, run from him, the more eagerly to C—r and W—sh, and to flutter among the loud-laughing young fellows upon the walks, like boys and girls at a breaking-up.
Mrs. Elizabeth Montagu to Mrs. Donellan.
Tunbridge Wells, Sept. the 8th, 1749.
The various occupations of a place like this make one a bad correspondent, and having been a long time very much out of health, 190
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