People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
gums, who liked better the soft covering of her lips.
You will be perhaps ready to enquire whom I pass my time with here; why, to my comfort, there are some still left who are agreeable, reasonable people. The Attorney-General and his wife are my old acquaintance, and amiable, agreeable companions; then about twenty yards from our house lodges the wife of Admiral Boscawen, a very sensible, lively, ingenious woman, and who seems to have good moral qualities; we often pass the evening together partly in conversation, partly in reading. Lady Robinson, too, is here, but so ill as not to come abroad; but I visit her often on the footing of a country neighbour; she is very agreeable, and has a charming little family, who are governed with great prudence and regularity. Here are, besides, three or four sensible, agreeable men, some of whom usually dine with us, so that the hours one is to pass, do not go off in the heaviest manner; and the great amendment I have found by the waters lately, keeps up my spirits. We have not fixed any time for going away; the six weeks, which is the usual term for drinking the waters, will be expired next Friday: but the interrupt 192
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