People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Eighteenth Century Post-Bag
that happy power confined entirely to her own person. I have observed for some days, that Lady Abercorn and Lady Townshend, each determining to have the most wit of any person in the company, always choose different parties and different ends of the room. Dr. Stewart has been here two or three days, but I am not acquainted with him, so I cannot tell you whether he comes here as a physician or an invalid.
Gilbert West to Mrs. Elizabeth Montagu. Tunbridge Wells, 27th May, 1753.
Your kind letter, which I received upon my coming from chapel, is the most agreeable thing I have met with at Tunbridge, where we arrived last night about seven. It came very seasonably to relieve my spirits, which are much sunk, by the extreme dejection which appears to-day in Mr. Pitt, from a night passed entirely without sleep, notwith­standing all the precautions which were taken within doors to make it still and quiet, and the accidental tranquillity, arising from the present emptiness and desolation of this place, to which no other invalids besides ourselves are yet arrived, or even expected to arrive, as °                                                            209
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