People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Eighteenth Century Post-Bag
by the Music, to whom, I find, besides a small Present for thus disturbing you, every Family and single Gentleman subscribe from Half a Crown to Half a Guinea, for which they play in a Gallery built for that Purpose, facing the great Rooms on the Walks, three Times every Day, viz. from 9 till 10 in the Morning, from 12 to 1 at Noon, and from 6 till 7 in the After­noon, and at the Balls. On your entering into any of the great Rooms, you are solicited in the same Manner, where the Subscription is from a Crown to a Guinea, each Person according to their Rank; for which you are entitled to walk in the Rooms, to have Fires lighted for you, to read the News-Papers which come in every Day, to Wax, Wafers, Pen and Ink, with some other great Conveniences, particularly for the Gentlemen. There are two Rooms; one on the Walks, which I found very necessary and comfortable to me in bad weather; the other on the other Side, in Sussex, which are seldom troubled but in the Evenings. The company go to these Rooms alternately each Evening to pay at Cards, or converse together, as at Bath; and there is a Ball once a Week at each Room; on Tuesdays at that on the Walks, and on Fridays at the other; the
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