People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Eighteenth Century Post-Bag
this Place. There is likewise a Collection and voluntary Subscription for a Dissenting Minister here, a very well behaved Gentleman. Mr. Derrick is, I find, Master of the Ceremonies here, as at Bath, and is supported, as there, by having a Ball at each Room, Tickets for which are 5s. each, but he gives so much Satisfaction in this important Office, that very few give him less than Gold for his Tickets; my being mostly on the Hill, and his endeavour­ing, as I hear, to establish himself at Bright-helmstone, as here, which gives some Umbrage, has made his appearance like that of a Comet to me. There is another small Subscription to the Sweeper of the Walks (which are kept very clean) of One Shilling each Person, or as much more as the Generosity of the Donors please, but not less. At going from hence, you give the Water-Dippers, a set of very decent Women, who constantly attend at the Well, to serve you with your Water from the Spring, from a Crown to a Guinea (or more if you stay a long Time); and likewise to the Waiters of the Rooms, who, I find, have nothing but what the Company please to give them at going away, and which, I find is according to the Rank of the Family.
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