People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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A Day at Tunbridge Wells
such a smoaky tang, that you would think it was brewed in a chimney; and every pint you drink, instead of quenching your draught, begets a thirst after a gallon; the latter as 'tis ordered drinks almost like mead, and makes a man's mouth smell of honey."
For the guidance of the company regulations were issued by the Master of the Ceremonies for the time being, and as a specimen the code drawn up by Richard Tyson may be given:—
Rules and Regulations Humbly Recom­mended by the Master of the Cere­monies, to the Company resorting to Tunbridge Wells.
I.  That there be two balls every week during the season, on Tuesdays at the Upper Rooms; on Friday at the Lower Rooms; each to begin at seven, and end at eleven. Ad­mission to the balls—Subscribers—Gentlemen, 3s. 6d. Ladies, 2s. Children, half-price. Non-Subscribers, whether Ladies or Gentlemen, 5s. —Gentlemen change their partners every two dances.
II.  Ladies who have precedence of place, take their place according to their precedence before the dance begins; but after, they are to
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