People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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A Day at Tunbridge Wells
Your verse has no pretence Either to wit or sense; Dullness and impudence
Are your lampoons.
" Ladies take fright at you; Men hate the sight of you
And your lampoons : For on the human race You reflect such disgrace, That we read, in your face,
Nature's lampoon."
Dinner occupied the rest of the afternoon, after which the company assembled again on the Pantiles from six till eight, the band again performing, and took, maybe, a third glass of water.
" To the Walks about seven, you trace back your Way, Where the Sun marches off, and the Ladies make Day, What crowding of Charms: Gods—or rather God­desses ! What beauties are here! What bright looks, airs,
and dresses ! In the room of the Waters had Helicon sprung, And the Nymphs of the Place by old Poets been sung, To invite the Gods hither they would have had Reason, And Jove had descended each Night in the Season."
Some would go to the High Rocks for tea, and a few might go to take tea or a syllabub
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