People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
of Mount Sion from the Common, with its rows of houses raised one above another, and all lighted, would have been beautiful, but for the bonfires which they are in the habit here of making, by lighting furze upon the Common in various places. It produces a grand effect of light; but the smoke prevented our seeing the illuminations of the village."
The Duke of Sussex must have been there for a long time during the year 1820, for, in a letter written on Christmas Day to " Coke of Norfolk," he mentions that George Keppel had been staying with him for three months, and that he was quite sorry to part with him. It was from " The Wells " that His Royal Highness journeyed to the metropolis on October 29 to pay his respects at Brandenburg House to Queen Caroline, who was on her trial. The witnesses for the prosecution had been so damaged in cross-examination that it was already clear that Her Majesty could not be convicted, and the entire countrv was agog with excitement as the perjury of the Italian witnesses was exposed. Many of the visitors at Tunbridge Wells sympathised with the Queen, and endeavoured to get up a congratulatory address on her escape from the 276
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