People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Royal Tunbridge Wells
I go in and ask the young ladies at the counter for Manjroni; or, The One-handed Monk, and Life in London; or, The Adventures of Corinth­ian Tom, Jeremiah Hawthorn, Esquire, and their friend Bob Logic ?—absurd ! I turn away-abashed from the casement—from the Pantiles —no longer Pantiles, but Parade. I stroll over the Common and survey the beautiful purple hills around, twinkling with a thousand bright villas, which have sprung up over this charming ground since first I saw it. What an admirable scene of peace and plenty! What a delicious air breathes over the heath, blows the cloud-shadows across it, and mur­murs through the full-clad trees ! Can the world show a land fairer, richer, more cheerful ? I see a portion of it when I look up from the window at which I write. But fair scene, green wood, bright terraces gleaming in sun­shine, and purple clouds swollen with summer rain—nay, the very pages over which my head bends—disappear from before my eyes. They are looking backwards, back into forty years off, into a dark room, into a little house hard by on the Common here, in the Bartlemytide holidays. The parents have gone to town for two days : the house is all his own and a grim 282
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