People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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And that there would these Comforts be,
Good Usage, and good Company.
Instead of these, my Muse declare,
The Follies that I met with there :
Ne'er blacked or debase the matter,
Tell truth, it needs no other Satyr.
Let no Dislike thy Envy raise,
To lessen what deserves thy praise;
Nor be misled by Fear or Love,
To flatter what thou shouldst reprove :
Commend the Good, and Scourge the Evil,
So speak the Truth, and shame the Devil.
The Place, in part, by Nature's blest; What's wanting Art supplies the rest; Commodious Buildings, where the Great May dwell in their accustom'd State, And pleasant Lodgings well design'd, For all Degrees of Human Kind; Good Wine and Food of ev'ry sort, Nor do you pay profusely for't; Game, for the Sports-man in the Fields; There's no Diversion but it yields; For Ladies pleasant Walks and Groves, Where Ring-Doves murmur out their Loves, And by their Chooing strike the fence At once with Love and Innocence. For Bowlers smooth and pleasant Greens, For other Gamsters other Means; As the Oak, Billiards, Cards and Dice. For ev'ry Fancy some Device, And to those Pleasures you may join, Good Musick, Dancing, and Good Wine; Find Beauties to delight your Eyes, Some vertuous, and some otherwise. 290
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