People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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For Fools are always most Conceited,
And Folks deform'd Opiniated.
The pow'r of Beauty he defies,
His Thoughts to Love could never rise;
Yet to show Nature will prevail,
That steers all Creatures by the Tail,
He has a beastly Carnal Itch,
To Orange Betty's common Br------ch;
And there we'll leave the Country-Looby, To mend the Beau, and mar the Booby.
A Dubb'd Cit next, a great Engager, In Gaming, Merchandise and Wager, Upon the Stage must play his part, And show his Courage, and his Art : Altho' but Worshipful his Title, Which for his Soul is much too little, He dare to do (I'll make it good) What Men of Honour only shou'd, The World shall see a City Knight, As well as Play, can sometimes Fight:
It happen'd on a gloomy Day, When Coley's Almanack does say, Some angry Planet rul'd the Roast, And threatened mischief to our Coast; When whistling Winds, and sullen Sky, Portended some sad Fray was nigh : Sir Harry Querk to Dice b'ing given, Regarding not th' ill-boding Heaven, To hazard went, as we suppose, To Win, altho' it prov'd to Lose, When he had long blind Fortune try'd, And could not gain her on his side,
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