People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Than to come hither like a Tony, And push off such a sum of money, Whilst his poor Creditors at London, For want of it are almost undone. At this a Knight of no small Honour, Hating Affronts in this gross manner, Cast on a Man of Worth not near, To in his own defence appear : Says he, remember Master Burly, That bites so sharp, and looks so surly; What ever envious Words you spake, Behind a Man of Honours back, His Reputation can't asperce,
They reach no further than his A------;
Besides ingr ate fully you use-him, To win his Gold, and then abuse-him. This gave no way for other Words, Nor had they room to draw their Swords : But Doc as furious as Old-Nic, Grasp'd mutton-fist on Candlestick, And flung it with his utmost might, But miss'd Sir Buck—the worthy Knight, And with a blow would stun an Ox, Knock'd down the Keeper of the Box; Who rising from beneath the Table, And peeping up as soon as able, Cry'd out, with bloody Head, half slain, Z—nds, Sir, you fling a cursed Main ; If you Throw on Vm sure Vll stand-out, For me, the Devil Set your Hand-out. Sure n'er was such a generous thing, To pay the Box first time you fling : I wish, kind Sir, as God shall save me, You'd kept what you so freely gave me;
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