People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Who tho' he bid such stout defyance, They laid him on like any Gyants, And would have kill'd him on the spot, As many warlike Heroes thought; But that a Coffee-man came by, And sav'd him by a fresh supply, The Beaus, however, kept the Field, And made their bloody Victim yield, And after this most glorious manner, Rais'd to themselves immortal Honour. The Beaus that did in chief appear, And signaliz'd their Valour here, Some I already have set forth, And now I'll show the others worth, For all great Deeds should be Rewarded, And in the Books of Fame recorded.
Beau Archwag next in place succeeds,
A following Fop that never leads,
But will int' any Mischief venture,
If others but before him enter;
Na, dare to take a Bear by th' Tooth,
If any'll open but his Mouth,
Or send a Challenge to a Cow'rd,
That he's first sure won't draw a Sword;
Nay, take a Scoundrel by the Nose,
If serv'd so first by other Beaus;
Or Kick a Rascal off the Walks,
Foot-ball'd before by fifty Folks,
And dare to half a Man defy,
That's if Beau Cursitor be by,
And 'twixt 'em both perhaps out-banter,
Some demi-hearted Bully-Ranter;
Tho' both at once were Cuff'd and Cow'd
By a poor Tickler of a Crowd,
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