People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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So as we found him shall we leave, The flutt'ring Fop deminitive.
Beau Lucifer now play thy part,
And show how big and Proud thou art;
How Monstrous Tall, and fat thou'rt fed,
How strong thy Back, how weak thy Head,
What disproportion their remains,
Between thy Tub of Guts and Brains;
Thy Body's a Digesture, good
For nought, but to dissolve thy Food :
Upon thy Massy Trunk thy Head,
For Ornament is only made,
And as thou struts it sits the most
Like a turn'd Nob upon a Post,
Of ought, to which we can compare it,
And is a lofty empty Garret;
Thy Person, and thy Pride, are great
But small thy Parts and thy Estate,
And by thy Carriage art profest,
A Country Lubber at the best.
Go on, and show thy mighty Deeds,
And how thy Courage most exceeds;
Fright Country-people into Terrours,
Kick Fidlers, and thy poor Inferiours;
And when grown famous at this Sport,
May all Mankind despise thee for 't,
Laugh at thy Folly, Pride, 111 nature,
Who art, to thy own self a Satyr.
Beau Finikin next place supplies, Like all the rest, more Nice than Wise, No other Excellence professing, But in the Art of Modish Dressing,
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