People, Society & Culture of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th Century & later.

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Anonymous : A Day at Tunbridge Wells (Leisure Hour, August 6, 1857; VI. 522-4).
An Answer to the Advice of Mr. Lógón, the Dwarf Fann-Painter at Tunbridge Wells. To which is added, Table Talk in the Modish Taste. [1748.]
Characters at the Hot-Well, Bristol, in September, and at Bath, in October, 1723. 1724.
A General Account of Tunbridge Wells and its Environs: Historical and Descriptive. Printed for G. Pearch, 1771.
The Old Road to Tunbridge Wells (All the Year Round, October 14, 1893; Third Series, IX. 367-72).
Old Tunbridge Days (London Society, December 1886; L. 550-8).
A Rod for Tunbridge Beaus, BundPd up at the Request of the Tunbridge Ladies to Jirk Fools into more Wit, and Clowns into more Manners. A Burlesque Poem. To be Published every Summer, as long as the Rakes continue their Rudeness, and the Gentry their Vertue. 1701.
Scandal at Tunbridge Wells. A Fable. To which is added, The Country Dame Militant. 1760.
Tunbridge Epistles, from Lady Margaret to the Coun≠tess of B------. 1767.
The Tunbridge Miscellany, Consisting of Poems, &c. Written at Tunbridge Wells this Summer. By Several Hands. 1712.
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