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An illustrated Brighton travel guide Circa 1834

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82            CURIOUS ANECDOTE
greatly to their weight as to impede their progress ; so that, you see, the inhabitant of the lepas is frequently a traveller, and is exposed to the vio­lence of the boisterous waves. Now, observe how admirably the Creator has provided for this little creature's safety : here, at the entrance of its shell, is fixed a door, consisting of triangular valves, which the lepas opens or shuts as may best suit his convenience; by means of this little feathery tube the animal procures its food. I will read to you an anec­dote, whilst we are upon the present subject, which I copied the other day from Mr. Roberts's Conchologist's Companion :—
" 'The mention of the lepas is con­nected with an extraordinary fact that
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