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16                              BYGONE SUSSEX.
" Ye shall not lose your charitable devocion XII Cardinals have granted you xii dayes of Pardon."
The plate was afterwards reversed, and the new inscription engraved on the back, " Of your Charyte," etc., and it concluded, "on whose soulles," etc.
Richard Hollinworth, in describing the Strange-ways Chantry in Manchester Church, observes 11 In it there is a pardon under the picture of the Resurrection of Christ from the Sepulchre. The pardon for V. Pater nr. V aves and a crede, is xxvi thousand and xxvi dayes of pardon." This brass has long since disappeared, nor is there anything to show with what particular tomb it was connected.
The promise contained in the Manchester pardon is identical as to the term with the inscrip­tion on a brass which still remains at Macclesfield, although it is now in an imperfect state. The picture in the last-named represents the miracul­ous mass of Saint Gregory the Great, and shows Christ as appearing to him in answer to his prayer for a manifestation of the reality of the presence in the sacrament. The " Mass of St. Gregory " was not infrequently chosen by artists, but Mr. Earwaker has pointed out that this is the
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