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70                              BYGONE SUSSEX.
commanded by Captain Pearson, who is acquainted with him, knows his history, and is a friend of Dr. Barnard. So Denis Duval is entered as a first-class volunteer, and is rigged out by the proud mother, determined to make a gentlemen as well as a sailor and an honest man of her son. Denis and Agnes were thus parted " I shall see you on Sunday, and this was Friday ! Even that interval seemed long to me. Little did either of us know what a long separation was before us, and what strange changes, dangers, adventures, I was to undergo ere I again should press that dearest hand."
The press-gang ended the connection of Denis with Rye and Winchelsea, nor need we follow further a story so well known. Death arrested the skilful hand of Thackeray before the picture was completed, but the outlines at least we know of Denis Duval's adventures in British ships and French prisons ; his ultimate conquest of fate ; his happy marriage, his green old age, and his death full of years and honours as Rear-Admiral Sir Denis Duval, k.c.b.
As we wander through the quaint streets of Rye aud Winchelsea, and the country lanes by which they are bordered, we are under the spell
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