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As others doe, and styll have done,
In making it as vayne ; Or els good lucke, they saye, shal come,
As please their foolish brayne.
The heathen could forese and saye That when such wounders were,
It did foreshew to them alwaye That some yll hap drew nere.
The Scripture sayth, before the ende
Of all thinges shall appeare, God will wounders straunge thinges sende,
As some is sene this yeare.
The selye infantes, royde of shape, The calues and pygges so straunge,
With other mo of suche mishape, Declareth this worldes chaunge.
But here, lo ! see above the rest,
A monster to beholde, Procedinge from a Christian brest,
Too monstrous to be tolde !
No carver can, nor paynter maye,
The same so ougly make, As doeth itself shewe at this daye,
A sight to make the quake !
But here thou haste, by printing arte,
A signe therof to se ; Let eche man saye within his harte,
It preacheth now to me,
That I should seke to lyve hencefoorth
In godly lyfe alwaye, For these be tokens now sent foorth
To preache the later daye.
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