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A RUSKIN PILGRIMAGE.                    141
" whose vigilancy made him master of the Cinque Ports, as his valour advanced him general of the low-county forces, whom he led on to several services with such success, and brought off, with the loss of not above an hundred men, with honour from the Lady Margaret, and applause from the whole country." Poynings passed by sale to the Brownes, and by failure of heirs reverted to the crown in 1797.
From Poynings there is a road leading to Fulking, and on the way many capital views of the round breasts of the South Downs can he had. Fulking is merely a hamlet of the parish of Edburton, and is a somewhat debateable land, for whilst it is situated in the Rape of Lewes, the parish to which it is a tything, is in the Rape of Bramber. It contains about 1,330 acres of arable, pasture, and down land. In Domesday Book it is mentioned under the name of Foch-inges, and was then held of William de Warren by one Tezelin, of whom nothing more is known. It was situated in Sepelei (Edburton?), which William de Braose held. Before the Normans came, Harold held it in the time of King-Edward. It was assessed, both in the Saxon and Roman times, at three hides and a rood.
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