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others ; till at last, finding the lane narrow, and the soldiers come in greater multitudes, to avoid the trouble of giving way to so many, having a confidence in the swiftness of his horse, and the knowledge of by-paths, he turned back again, but had not gone far, till he was shot at once and again, and at last shot through his body between the bowels and bastard-ribs, and at last seized. His horse, boots, sword, and clothes all taken from him ; and a tattered suit of apparel from a common soldier put upon him : And at last brought to the General, who passed this sentence upon him, that he should be hang'd the next rendezvous. Accordingly he was driven before them to the next market-town (Drayton, in Shropshire), put under the table, whilst the General and his officers went to breakfast, in order to be hanged by and by. But upon a false report, the General caused the trumpeter to sound a march, and so left my father bleeding inwardly in the inn. Three chirurgeons, that were sent for, successively, one after the other, gave him over for desperate ; but at last a gentlewoman, related to the Earl of Shrewsbury, looking upon his wound, did believe it curable, and accordingly undertook the cure, and in six months at least
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