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A SUSSEX BOOK.                            171
baronet, now living at Amley Castle, in Sussex. His sister, then a guest at his house, and married to an East-India merchant, a gentleman of good parts, told me, that living at New-Salisbury, and designing to make some provision for her husband's return, and speaking of it in the house, she was often discouraged by a nurse, that she kept in the house with her, who advised her still, to stay till she saw him return : At last, tidings came, that he was dead in the Indies. Upon which the nurse told her, that she being in bed one night with her mistress, and sitting up to give the child suck by moon-shine, a person in the form of her husband (whom she had never seen, but only guessed at, by the representation given of him by others,) appeared to her, standing at the bed-side, and looking stedfastly upon her, and after some short space departed: And for this reason, she suspected his death, and consequently gave the advice afore-said. And upon computation and comparing the story of the nurse, and the contents of the letter together, it was found that the apparition was made at the very same time of his death. This the lady assured me with great con­fidence, with some other particular circum-
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