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178                            BYGONE SUSSEX.
church porch "as a Monument of Divine Judg­ment." (Pt. 2, chap, xxvii., 4). Another monstrous birth, the child of "one Annis Fig, an adultress of Chichester," is also recorded as having occurred 1 Feb., 1581. (Pt. 2, chap, xxvii., 20). Then there was a little woman at Chichester not above two cubits in height, "but her legs were not very perfect." (Pt. 2, chap, xii., 14).
Mr. William Garrawav of Ford.
Pleasanter reading is Mr. Turner's account of his "honoured friend and neighbour," Mr. William Garraway, the son of Alderman Garraway, of London, who was a prominent figure in the Commonwealth period. " He was then in the eighty-first year of his age, very healthful and stout in his body, of perfect sence, and good memory, to a wonder : but the wonder is abated, when we consider his caution used in dieting of himself; for he keeps a fast, and abstains from all food, at least, one day every week ; and at other times ordinarily abstains from wine and strong liquors, unless now and then a glass, by way of cordial." (Chap, lxxi., 8). Mr. Garraway was resident at Ford, and must have been a fine
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