Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Chap. V.]                 Political Visitors.                              63
have never ceased to regret that I did not preserve the numbers on which I expended so many sixpences. In addition to their intrinsic interest I expect they would now have commanded a fancy price, but my set was not quite complete, and that was the reason I did not preserve it
Sir R. W. Carden was a Sheriff of London in 1850 ; Lord Mayor in 1857 ; and M.P., first for Gloucester, and afterwards for Barnstaple. During his mayoralty I was often at the Mansion House, and so was able to realise easily the abject slavery in which Lord Mayors of London live during their year of office. The wife of the first Incumbent of St. John's Church, Meads, was a daughter of Sir R. W. Carden, and that was how he came into touch with East-Bourne life during the " Seventies " and " Eighties." He was afterwards one of the Jubilee Baronets of 1887.
Lady Lilford was a frequent visitor to East-Bourne during the later years of her life, and we saw a great deal of her and of her children and grandchildren; she lent us her carriage on very many occasions when we wanted to drive to distant places in or round East-Bourne. When I mention the fact that she was the daughter of the famous Lord Holland of Holland House, not to forget the equally famous Lady Holland, it need not be added that her conversations were always of the deepest interest to my wife and myself, especially as my wife's father was a first cousin of the 4th Earl of Ilchester, whose descendant is the present owner of Holland House.
Colonel and Mrs. Arthur Wellesley (now Duke and Duchess of Wellington) may be included amongst the pleasant people whom we knew at East-Bourne ; and Mrs. Leopold Scarlett, who lost a son in the Victoria and whose eldest son is now Lord Abinger.
Another Political visitor to East-Bourne, whose public career has been very interesting, is the present Duke of Rutland, who as Marquis of Granby stayed at the Albion in May 1889. He had originally been better known as Mr. Henry Manners ("Lord Salisbury's Manners ") and private secretary to Lord Salisbury. As
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