Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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72                   Old Memories of East-Bourne. [Chap. VI.
Militia and the Norfolk Artillery Militia. Passing over the former, who were commanded by Colonel Penrice, it may be interesting to recall the names of the Officers belonging to the latter ; and an examination of the places with which they were connected will make it clear that the spirit of Mr. Haldane's Territorial System is in certain respects neither new nor unprecedented.
Lieut.-Col. Commandant, G. Carr-Lloyd (Lancing); Major, C. M. Chester ; Captains, R. Wetherall, F. Moor, Sir J. S. D. Scott, Hon. W. E. Sackville-West (Withyham), W. A. St. Clair (East Grinstead) ; Lieuts., W. W. M. Walker, H. D. C. Cole (East-Bourne), F. Barchard (Horsted), H. Molineux (Lewes), J. H. Sadler; Second Lieuts., H. L. Nicholson (Lewes), M. M. Tumor, G. E. Clarke (East Grinstead), F. W. Jones, J. Darby (Markly); Adjutant, Capt. H. T. Settle; Surgeons, T. Newham, H. G. Philpott. More than those indicated above were connected with the County of Sussex but I am imable to assign localities to them.
Concerning these officers it may be remarked that Colonel Carr-Lloyd had served in the Rifle Brigade, and was connected with the Brighton banking firm of Hall, Lloyd, Bevan and West, since merged in Barclay & Co. Capt. St. Clair was not very much seen at East-Bourne, because during most of the time under consideration his company was quartered at Little-hampton. Some years later he became Lieut.-Col. Commandant of the regiment. Captain Sackville-West was the youngest son of the 5th Earl De La Warr and, therefore, brother of the 6th Earl and father of the present Lord Sackville. He died as recently as 1908, before his brother, and therefore never succeeded to the peerage. Major Hayes-Sadler left the Militia and entered the Consular Service and died as recently as 1909, after having been made a K.C.M.G. Sir Sibbald Scott of Dunninald was the 3rd baronet and father of the present baronet of that creation. He had a large family of children who contributed to enliven the East-Bourne society of the period. One daughter was known among her associates as " Budge."
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