Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Police arrangements in 1851.—Names of the Magistrates.—Major N. Willard.—Mr. R. J. Graham.—Magistrates' Clerks.—Where Sittings were held.—The status of a Mayor.—The first Borough Bench.—Ancedote of a Golf Player.—High Constables and Parish Constables.—Modern Police. —Local Law Suits.—Celebrated Crimes.—Crime rare in East-Bourne.— Local Medical Men.—Formerly few in number.—Dr. D. J. Hall.—Mr. R. Colgate.—Dr. G. A. Jeffery.
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T HE circumstances covered by such a composite title as this will vary much, comparing one epoch with another, so I must try and fix my facts as nearly as may be to a definite date which shall be more exactly than usual, my general date of 1851. There was then not much Law in East-Bourne ; no Police, and I think only 3 doctors.
Law was administered by some County Magistrates whose formal sittings were held at Hailsham. The Magistrates residing in East-Bourne were Major Nicholas Willard, his brother Captain L. K. Willard, Sir W. Domville, Bart., Mr. J. D. Gilbert, Mr. (afterwards Lord) R. Cavendish, and Mr. John Graham. Sir W. Domville's son, Mr. James Graham Domville, was also at some or other time appointed a Magistrate, and as was also Mr. Graham's eldest son, Mr. Reginald J. Graham. Until his death in 1852 Major WilJard was in modern vulgar language " the Boss of the Show," ruling the parish with a rod of iron, except so far as he was controlled by the Chairman of the Petty Sessional Division, Mr. G. Darby, who presided at Hailsham. The death of " Major Nick " left the field open to younger men. For a long
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