Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Chap. X.]                  Local Literature.                            113
me upwards of £500 in clear profits, before I sold it to Farncombe & Co. Of my various astronomical books, upwards of 90,000 copies have been sold. My various Law Books make up a total of about 10,000 copies between them.
The lady who wrote under the name of " Edna Lyall," must be regarded as the most brilliantly success­ful writer connected with East-Bourne, where she lived for many years.
No other books prior to 1901 are known to me which can be said to owe their origin to East-Bourne.
The 2 houses which formerly existed on the cliff, to the E. of the Wish Tower, seem to have been places of great attraction to literary people. Mount Pleasant which stood near the site of the Cavendish Hotel, had Tennyson for a lodger in 1845. I knew his brother Frederick Tennyson, who stayed at East-Bourne much later; he had been a Somersetshire acquaintance of my wife's. Cliff Cottage had a succession of occupants with names which have had a hold over English thought, including Macready, Jenny Lind, and J. H. Bailey. Bailey was often known as " Butterfly Bailey ' from being the author of "I'd be a butterfly," a song which had a great rage half-a-century ago. Mr. Graham added to this list " Mr. Edge worth, the brother of the Authoress," but I cannot help feeling that he confused the name of " Edgeworth with " Edgell." I distinctly remember a Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Edgell there about 1851.
I may fairly include under the head of " Literature," a very pleasant semi-public luncheon at which I was present and made a speech, on June 17, 1899. The assembly was convened to celebrate the opening of the new buildings in South Street, erected by Farncombe & Co. for their newspaper the East-Bourne Chronicle, which, to compare small (= local) things with great (= Metropolitan) things, is the " oldest newspaper in the world " and has the " largest circulation in the world." I can speak from personal knowledge as to the former being a figurative fact; and I can guess the latter.
It cannot be said that either Science or Art ever
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