Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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General—Church Rates—Sunday Bands—Visits of the Diocesan Con­ference.—The Parish Church.—Its Restoration.—Distinguished Preachers.— Anecdotes of and by the Rev. T. Pitman.—Tithe Commutation.—Dr. Brodie. —Clerical Vestments in the " Fifties."—The Pitman Institute.—St. Michael's Church.—The Rev. H. B. Ottley's Vicariat.—Proposals for a new Parish •Church.—Trinity Church.—Its enlargements.—Bishop S. Wilberforce's visit. —Christ Church.—Services there for the Military.—Military Funeral.—St. Saviour's Church.—Circumstances which led to its erection.—Controversy afterwards.—Warning against Organists.—St. John's Church.—Remarkable groivth of Meads.—St. Gregory's Chapel.—St. Anne's Church.—All Saints' Church.—Intended to replace an Iron Church.—Heart-burnings and litigation. —All Souls' Church.—Lady Victoria Wellesley's munificence.—Difficulties owing to the soil.—Patronage.—Experiences of a Patron.—St. Peter's Church.—Replaced a temporary Church.
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I BEGIN with the only matter within my direct cognizance which had any application to the Parish of East-Bourne, ecclesiastically, as a whole. But I must go back and make a start before my time. In the Sussex Express in 1837, there appeared in a letter signed by " An Inhabitant " the following paragraph :—" The very gratifying alacrity evinced by the Dissenters of this widely extended Parish in coming forward to sign the petition addressed to the 2 Houses of Parliament against the abolition of Church Rates deserves to be inserted in the columns of your paper. The unsolicited readiness that has been manifested by the leading Wesleyans and Sectarians of this place to support our Established Ghurch cannot be too highly valued, as such patriotic
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