Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Chap. XIII.] St. Michael's Church.                         173
The wonderful developement of building operations in the district attached to the Parish Church long ago rendered necessary the building of a new Church, and that now known as St. Michael's is such, taking the place of a temporary Church which occupied an adjacent site. The building of St. Michael's, the first portion of which dates from 1900, might have been anticipated by some 30 years if Mr. Pitman had thought fit to approve of the acceptance of the sum of 2000 offered in 1874 for the purpose of starting a new Church. The offer was made on behalf of a clergyman named Pierce who had been assisting Mr. Pitman for a considerable length of time and who was proposed as the first Incumbent.
Fig. 65.
THE OLD PARSONAGE, Near St. Mary's Church.
If only as a matter of history I must not pass over two very visionary schemes put forth by a man of excellent enterprise and visions who succeeded Mr. Pitman as " Vicar of East-Bourne," in 1890, the Rev. H. B. Ottley. I here only refer to Church-building visions, but there were others which must remain in my possession either in memory or manuscript. Mr. Ottley proposed to supply the wants of Ocklynge by a magnificent Church in Mill Road at the corner of Carew Road. He
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