Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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258                Old Memories of East-Bourne. [Chap. XIX.
in, it was true that he wanted my opinion, but he had not come to pay for it, and it was not on a point of law. He wanted to know whether I thought there was an opening for another Bank in East-Bourne. This was rather a difficult question to answer, and I felt the responsibility of answering it. All that I did, therefore, was to give Mr. Lewis some information as to the population of the place, and general probabilities. I suppose he relied upon my statements, for after no long interval I heard that the London and Provincial Bank, of which Mr. Lewis was a Director, had taken a house in the Terminus Road, and had opened it as a Branch of their London Bank. That is about all I know regarding Banks and Banking at East-Bourne, except that somewhere about the same time a man named Flint started a Banking business of sorts in the Terminus Road, and called himself " The East-Bourne Bank." But I need not specify further the place to which Mr. Flint and his Bank soon went.
Sussex Coaches in 1804.
The following advertisement appeared in The Times of November 29, 1804 :
Hastings, Rye, and Tunbridge expeditious elegant new Coach, every morning at half-past five.
Lewes, Uckfield, Maresfield, and East Grinstead Coaches, every morning at 7.
Bognor, and the Rocks, a Bathing Place on the Sussex Coast, much admired for its fine Sand, a new Coach, every morning at half-past 6.
Chichester, Midhurst, and Haslemere new Telegraph Coaches, every morning at half-past 6.
Brighton new Coaches of all descriptions, every morning at 7, 8, and 9, and every night at 10. The Public are particularly requested to notice that the above Coaches are quite new, and travel very fast, going by all the different routes to Brighton.
Worthing, a Bathing Place on the coast of Sussex, much admired, and the late residence of part of the Royal Family, new and elegant Coaches, every morning at 7.
Eastbourn, light elegant Summer Coach, every morning at 6.
All the coaches from London to all England seem to have started from the Golden Cross, Charing Cross, if one interprets literally the long advertisement from which the above entries are extracted.
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