Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

An Account of, notable events, Persons and town history - online book

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Personal.—The " Times" Newspaper.—Changes in English manners and customs.—The "Hunt Sermon."—Mr. Gladstone and newspapers.—Deeds and legal documents.—A dog and cat story.—A Sabbath-breaking dog.— Debating Societies.—Practical v. unpractical Temperance Reform.—English and Welsh.—The Economy of Time.—Tick, Tick, Tick.—A Waterloo Myth. —A Waterloo Fact.—Visits to the Battle-field of Waterloo.—Unfamiliar Women's Christian Names.—Novel experiences, exciting or otherwise.— Mid-Victorian Meal-times.—Visits to the Galleries of the Two Houses of Parliament.—A Gladstone Anecdote.—Coins as Measures.—The Duty and Advantages of showing Civility to Strangers.— Clerical Surnames.—An Offer of Marriage: 1802 style.
" $£tto customs, tljouglr i^qr be xxeber so ribirulous, xxixxr let
iJfjjcm be unmaitlg, get ar* follofojeo."— {King Henry VIII)
I CLOSE this volume with some material which, in the language of the literary man, is known as "Padding" and " Scissors-and-Paste." "Padding" is material put in to thicken a book and make the reader think he is getting good value for his money, at ]east in quantity if not in quality, whilst " Scissors-and-Paste " tells its own tale. In the domain of the shipping world, none of it would be rated as Al.
My East-Bourne grandmother, Mrs. Brodie, was a daughter of the first John Walter of The Times, who founded that paper, and as, at his death in 1812, it was not a very prosperous concern, he left his daughters and his butler, inter alia, shares in it. My grandmother's share was Teths. This at her death was sub-divided,, and one of the sub-divisions eventually came to me, so I was the holder of £ of fVths—a very uncomfortable way of cataloguing one's invested property. But there were smaller sub-divisions than this. Several of my cousins
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