Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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278                Old Memories of East-Bourne. [Chap. XX.
and paste on loose sheets everything that it is necessary for the Prime Minister to know, and so when he arrives at a later hour he can see the news, and be saved the trouble of wading through a lot of newspapers." This answer was in effect a complete confirmation of the rumour that all hostile criticism made in public either by men or newspapers was concealed from him. Singularly enough, Lady St. Helier in her Memories-published in 1909, confirms this story in the following words :
" Mr. Gladstone had very little knowledge of public feeling, because in order to save him as much as possible from any extra fatigue or strain, such news and opinions as the papers contained were communicated to him in an epitomized form by his Secretaries, much that was likely to irritate or annoy the Premier being either softened or omitted."(p. 262.)
Deeds and Legal Documents.
" If there is one thing people ought to insist on more than another, it is that all Deeds and papers referring to their property should be in their own possession, instead of leaving them with their lawyers.(Life of W. H. Smith, M.P., vol. ii., p. 91.)
A Dog and Cat Story.
A dog and a cat were always fed at the same time in the same room, but the cat was allowed to have its portion whilst seated on the table, whilst the dog of course was made to eat his on the floor. In preparing the food, it sometimes happened that bones were left on one or other of the 2 plates. When the cat found a bone on its plate it looked over the edge of the table to see if the dog had any bones. If not, the cat would draw its bones to the edge of the table and push them over to the dog.(Ex relatione oculati testis, 1909.)
A Sabbath-Breaking Dog.
A lady possessed a dog which she took out for a walk every week-day, but never on Sundays. She had a visitor staying with her who was not of the same mind and was willing to go out walking with a dog on Sundays. The dog got to observe the difference in the conduct of
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