Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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Chap. XX.]            Walterloo Anecdotes.                        285
French excesses after Jena in 1806, and with the French the memories of the humiliation inflicted on them by the united forces of indignant Europe in 1815.
Not a bad illustration of these facts is furnished by the following incident which was described to us by a niece of Sergeant-Major Cotton, then residing at the famous Museum. One day in July 1870 (singularly enough not many hours before the declaration of war by France against Germany), a Frenchman made the following insulting entry in the Visitors' Book at the " Mound of the Lion," near Waterloo :
The day after, a Prussian came to the place, and seeing what the Frenchman had written, he replied as follows :
Doubtless the Frenchman believed what he was predicting, but evidently the Prussian gauged more accurately the probabilities of the contest then looming in the near distance.
Unfamiliar Female Christian Names.
During the years that I have kept account, I have known ladies with the undermentioned unfamiliar Christian Names. I suppress the surnames :
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