Eastbourne Memories - A Victorian Perspective

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294                 Old Memories of East-Bourne. [Chap. XX.
open the carriage door, and when that had been done had some further difficulty in descending to the platform level. Both difficulties were removed or eased for him by the intervention of a school-boy (I rather think an Eton boy), who saw from the first the old gentleman's-dilemma. When the old gentleman died, it was foimd that he had left the school-boy 1000 a year, coupled with an explanation that it was given him in recognition of his services to the old gentleman on the particular occasion mentioned, and on the general ground that such a boy had a mind of the right sort. East-Bourne supplied some 15 years ago another illustration of the-words prefixed to this section, an invalid Peer making a long stay in the town for his health, being the Deus ex Ma china.
Clerical Surnames.
" A very amusing publication is the Clergy List, revised and classified (A. Palmer, Stratford-on-Avon). The ingenious author has classified all the names in the Clergy List under a great variety of substantives, being names of animals, trade", things, and the tout ensemble is very curious. For instance, under the head of ' Fireworks' we find 1 Rocket, 3 Sparks, and 2 Squibs. Under the head of 'Menagerie,' 7 Lyons, 3 Wolves, 30 Foxes, 18 Bulls, 8 Kids, &c. Sixpence will be very profitably spent in the purchase of this-pamphlet."(Sussex Times, April 1, 1881.)
A Hint to Railway Excursionists. " A Dodger " wrote to the Sussex Times in 1874 :
" I see that some correspondence has been going on in the newspapers respecting the practice which prevails on the South-Eastern Railway of allowing 1st class carriages to be invaded on excursion days by 2nd and 3rd class passengers. Let me suggest a simple expedient which I have often put in practice with unfailing success. Always carry a railway carriage key. When you are approaching a station where an influx of undesirable companions is to be feared, lock yourself in, and in 9 cases out of 10 you will escape the infliction, for by the time an official arrives with a key the surging mob will have found seats elsewhere, or the train will have started again. I have never found this ' dodge' fail."
An Offer of Marriage : 1802 Style.
35 Essex Street, Stkand,
February 3, 1802.
Miss --------
Madam, I hope, from the sincerity with which these lines are dictated, and the affection by which they are offered that no apology will he thought requisite for intruding them on your consideration. Could I be warranted in encouraging-
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