Highways and Byways in Sussex - online book

An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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midhurst's villages
Hanging in chains—A wooded paradise—Fernhurst—Shulbrede Priory —Blackdown—Tennyson's Sussex home—Thomas Otway—Kate Hotspur's Grave—A Sussex ornithologist—The friend of owls—William Cobbett looks at the Squire—The charms of South Harting—Lady Mary Caryll's little difficulties—Gilbert White in Sussex—The old field routine— Witchcraft at South Harting—The Rother—Easebourne—West Lavington and Cardinal Manning.
The road from Midhurst to Blackdown ascends steadily to Henley, threading vast woods and preserves. On the left is a great common, on the right North Heath, where the two Drewitts were hanged in chains after being executed at Horsham, in 1799, for the robbery of the Portsmouth mail— probably the last instance of hanging in chains in this country. For those that like wild forest country there was once no better ramble than might be enjoyed here ; but now (1903) that the King's new sanatorium is being built in the midst of Great Common, some of the wildness must necessarily be lost. A finer site could not have been found. Above Great Common is a superb open space nearly six hundred feet high, with gorse bushes advantageously placed to give shelter while one studies the Fernhurst valley, the Haslemere heights and, blue in the distance, the North Downs. Sussex has nothing wilder or richer than the country we are now in.
A few minutes' walk to the east from this lofty common, and we are immediately above Henley, clinging to the hill side, an
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