Highways and Byways in Sussex - online book

An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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Envie of the Persian Lords, and Love of the Ladies, amongst whom one (reputed a Kins-man to the great Sophy) after some Opposition, was married unto him. She had more of Ebony than Ivory in her Complexion; yet amiable enough, and very valiant, a quality considerable in that Sex in those Countries. With her he came over to England, and lived many years therein. He much affected to appear in forreig?i Vestes ; and, as if his Clothes were his limbs, accounted himself never ready till he had something of the Persian Habit about him.
" At last a Contest happening betwixt him and the Persian Ambassadour (to whom some reported Sir Robert gave a Box on the Ear) the King sent them both into Persia, there mutually to impeach one another, and joyned Doctor Gough (a Senior Fellow of Trinity col/edge in Cambridge) in commission with Sir Robert. In this Voyage (as I am informed) both died on the Seas, before the controverted difference was ever heard in the Court of Persia, about the beginning of the Reign of King Charles.
"Sir THOMAS SHIRLEY, I name him the last (though the eldest Son of his Father) because last appearing in the world, men's Activity not always observing the method of their Register. As the Trophies of Miltiades would not suffer Themistocles to sleep ; so the Atchievements of his two younger brethren gave an Alarum unto his spirit. He was ashamed to see them worne like Flowers ' in the Breasts and Bosomes of forreign Princes, whilst he himself withered upon the stalk he grew on. This made him leave his aged Father and fair Inheritance in this County, and to undertake Sea Voyages into forreign parts, to the great honour of his Nation, but small inriching of himself; so that he might say to his Son, as /Eneas to sEscanius ;
' Disce, puer, Virtutem ex me verumque Laborem, Fortunam ex aliis.'
1 Virtue and Labour learn from me thy Father, As for Success, Child, learn from others rather.'
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