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An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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xxv                                 SHEFFIELD PARK                                235
bought for Ann Brett a gold ring, this being the posy, ' When this you see, remember mee,' and at the same time I bought Patrick's Pilgrim, 5s. ; The Reasonableness of Scripture, by Sir Chas. Wolseley, 2s. 6d. ; and a Comedy called Epsom Wells."
Mr. Moore, having suffered in his tithes, left the following 11 necessary caution " for his successor :" Never compound with any parishioner till you have first viewed theire lande and seen what corne they have upon it that yeare, and may have the next."
The next station on this quiet little cross-country line to Lewes, is Sheffield Park, the seat of Lord Sheffield. The present peer, one of the patrons of modern Sussex cricket, took a famous team to Australia in 1891-2, and it was on his yacht that in 1894 cricket was played in the Ice Fiord at Spitz -bergen under the midnight sun, when Alfred Shaw captured forty wickets in less than three-quarters of an hour. Australian teams visiting England used to open their season with a match at Sheffield Park, which contains one of the best private grounds in the country; but the old custom has, I fancy, lapsed. In the long winter of 1890-1 several cricket matches on the ice were played on one of the lakes in the park, with well-known Sussex players on both sides.
Sheffield Park is associated in literature with the name of Edward Gibbon, the historian, who spent much time there in the company of his friend, John Baker Holroyd, the first earl. Gibbon's remains lie in Fletching church, close by. There also lies Peter Dynot, a glover of Fletching, who assisted Jack Cade, the Sussex rebel, whom we meet later, in 1450; while (more history) it was in the woods around Fletching church that Simon de Montfort encamped before he climbed the hills, as we are about to see, and fought and won the Battle of Lewes, in 1264.
The line passes next between Newick, on the east, and
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