Highways and Byways in Sussex - online book

An illustrated appreciation, of the most interesting districts in Sussex.

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her minutes were but steppes to heaven." Our county has many fine monuments, but I think that this is the most charming of all.
At Framfield, two miles east of Uckfield, which we may take here, we again enter the iron country, and for the first time see Sussex hops, which are grown largely to the north and east of this neighbourhood.
Framfield has a Tudor church and no particular interest. In 1792 eleven out of fifteen persons in Framfield, whose
united ages amounted to one thousand and thirty-four years, offered, through the county paper, to play a cricket match with an equal number of the same age from any part of Sussex; but I do not find any record of the result. Nor can I find that any one at Framfield is proud of the fact that here, in 1834, was born Richard Realf, the orator and poet, son of Sussex peasants. In England his name is scarcely known ; and in America, where his work was done, it is not common knowledge that he was by birth and parentage English. Realf was the
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