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The following copious selections from metropolitan journals of the year 1806, relating to Brighton, will be read with great interest: as affording an insight into the period when Royalty was at its zenith among us,—the year in which the celebrated picture of the Steyne originated, wherein is pourtrayed living " characters " then in existence. The year, also, of the celebrated fete in commemoration of the Earl of Delawarr attaining his majority (he having been left a minor at the age of nine yeaTs), He was succeeded a short time since by his son, who, as Lord West, saw much military service in India and elsewhere,—a much esteemed nobleman, and who represents one of our most ancient county families. Other quotations in relation to subsequent years are also appended:—
Brighton, July 7, 1806.
The arrivals during the last week were very numerous, among them are the following:—
Earl of Kenmare, Countess of Kenmare, Lady Huntingfield, Mrs M. Cleverly, Mr J. Joseph, Mr Yellowly, Mrs M. Edmunds, Mrs Waiting, Mr and Mrs Aylmer Haley, Mr G. Favene, Mr Brown, Mr Fitzjohn, Mr Price, Mrs Albin, Rev. Mr Tutte, Mr Beard, Rev. Mr Richards, Mr D. Sattin, &c.
The Steyne is now very gay, and enlivened every evening by bands of Savoyards with hand organs, tamborines, &c, &c. The spacious new Library is nearly completed, and is decorated in a style of elegance, suitable to its situation and the quality of its subscribers.
At a general Meeting of the inhabitants, held at the Old Ship, on Wednesday, on the subject of incorporating our town, it was resolved, "that the adoption of such a measure would be inexpedient, on account of the expense that must necessarily attend it. The meeting, neverthe­less, entertained a high sense of the honour conferred
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