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will in form following. Imprimis I bequeath my soul to almighty God, to the blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints, and my body to be buried in the Churchyard of the parish Church of Estgrenstede.
Also I bequeath to the mother Church of Chichester 8d. Also to the high altar of Estgrensted for tithes forgotten and unpaid 12d. Also I bequeath to Elizabeth my wife for the term of her life my manor farm called Pyckestonns (now Pixton Hill, a small estate and private house near Forest Row occupied by Mr. T. Hyde) and at her decease to my eldest son then surviving and his heirs and in default of this heir to the next heirs of me the aforesaid John Payn.
Also I will that whosoever shall possess the aforesaid manor-farm of Pyckestonns shall pay a yearly sum of 16d so long as the world endures for the maintenance of a lamp before [the image of] St. Mary the Virgin situate in the church of Estgrenstede in the north part of the aforesaid Church.
Also I devise to George my son the tenement Beeches (tenm de Beeches) and to his heirs and in default of an heir of him then to the next heirs of me the aforesaid John Payn.
Also I bequeath to each of my sons and daughters two young bulls : also I devise the tenement called Maveld (ten™ de Maveld) to Elizabeth my wife and after her decease to [my] elder son then surviving and to his heirs and in default of heirs of him to the next heirs of me the aforesaid John. Also I devise Shoberys to the use and behoof of John Payn junior my brother. Also I will as to Westfeld, late Robert Kelys, provided that at the end and term of 5 years he shall pay or cause to be paid to my relict Elizabeth or to John my younger brother 5 marks, that he shall have again the aforesaid Westfeld, but otherwise I will that the aforesaid Westfeld shall remain to John Payn my younger brother. Also I bequeath for the reparation of Wallhill one cow. Also I bequeath to the church of Estgrenstede one torch of the value of 6s 8d. But the residue of my goods undisposed of (after deducting debts due) I give and bequeath to Elizabeth my wife that she may dispose of them on my behalf as to her shall seem best: and her I ordain and constitute my true and lawful executrix, but John Payn junior my brother I make overseer before these witnesses, viz., Mr. Thomas Dagnall, Chaplain, John Sprengett and others. Dated 8th July 1507.
Dagnall was probably a chantry priest or chaplain to a nobleman ; he was not Vicar of the parish. The statue of the Virgin Mary, like the bequest, has long since been forgotten.
The organ, presented by St. Margaret's Sisterhood and decorated by the Vicar, was used for the first time on April 5th, 1888.
There is no doubt that at one time the churchyard extended over a portion of what is now the vicarage garden. The old vicarage stood closer to the church
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