The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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76                         HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
William de Lougburgh, 1351.
Simon de Breden, Oct. 3rd, 1351.
John Kirkeby, formerly Vicar of Sidlesham and Rector of Horsted Keynes. Exchanged livings with
Richard Markwyk, from Little Horsted, admitted Oct. 17th, 1381.
Richard Stoneherst, 1387-8.
Thomas Fferryng, 1395. Was summoned by the Prior of Lewes for breaking with force of arms into a close belonging to the said Prior in East Grinstead.
John Bakere, 1397.
Ricardus atte Estcote (? East Court), 1410.
Michael Preston, appointed April 27th, 1411.
Robert Burgh, exchanged livings with
John Mankyn, Feb. 26th, 1417. Rector of North Lidyard Milcent.
Adam Newyle or Alan Neroyle, exchanged livings with
John Bennet, who' was Yicar of Wadhurst, Jan. 12th, 1423.
William Lane, exchanged livings with
Geoffry Medewe, Rector of Rosfphlegh, Diocese of Lincoln, 24th July, 1438.
Robert Blowere, formerly Rector of St. Michael's, Lewes, appointed Dec. 10th, 1438.
John Cook, 1463.
John Brether or Crothes, or Crowther, 1478. Died Jan. 16th, 1499.
Edward Prymer, 1528-9.
William Breton, LL.D., appointed Feb. 28th, 1528.
Robert Best, appointed 1552-3, deposed, but reinstated in 1556-7.
William Devonishe, appointed Sept. 23rd, 1554.
Robert Best, Vicar for a second time, 1556-7.
Richard Burnopp, or Burnap, the first Vicar presented to the living by the Sackville family, was appointed Sept. 24th, 1563; died 1595. The Star Chamber proceedings state that this Vicar being "a very lewd and wicked p'son altogether swarvinge from his profession nor having the fear of God before his eies " did, at Lewes Sessions, falsely swear that James Pickas, gent., arrested him while at the communion table, to the great disturbance of the communicants. It was proved that such an event never took place and that Richard Burnopp was "a common reporter of manifest untruths and dayly disturber of his quiet neighb™ and an intermeddler in other men's causes," having procured them to spend over £500 in useless law suits. What the Star Chamber did to him is not stated.
John Walwyn, M.A., appointed Nov. 28th, 1598. Formerly Vicar or Rector of Wisborough Green, Arundel, Withyham and Fletching, and afterwards Vicar of Heathfield.
Edward Topsell, M.A., appointed May 5th, 1610. He was an author of considerable repute and published some books which were, in those days, very popular. His chief works were "The Historie of Foure-footed Beastes " and "The Historie of Serpents." He was perpetual curate of St. Botolph, Aldersgate. but held several country livings, including East Grinstead, at the same time.
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