The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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120                      HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
John Culpeper died at Wakehurst on March 25th, 1565, leaving as his son and heir Thomas Culpeper. He died seized of divers lands and tenements in East Grinstead and elsewhere, held of Sir Thomas Browne by fealty only as of his Manor of Walstead. When an inquisition was taken after the death of Thomas Culpeper in 1571 this was confirmed.
From a petition presented to Parliament on February 23rd, 1802, by certain inhabitants of East Grinstead it appeared that there was " a certain common and waste land called Ashurst Wood lying and being within the Manor of Ashurst, or Grins ted Wild, or Walhill Manor," and the petitioners set forth that it might be much improved if enclosed, divided into allotments and dis­tributed among them. In 1835 the Manor of Ashurst, or Grinsted Wild, or Walhill, belonged to the Earl of Burlington, from whose family it was purchased by the late Mr. William Pearless, whose two sons and Trustees are the present Lords of this Manor.
The Manor of Standen was subordinate to the Manor of Imberhorne, but Horsfield states that it paid quit rents, and courts were held for it down to 1835.
The Manor of Brockhurst is possibly the Biochest of Domesday Book. Its records are very scanty, but we do know that in 1574 it belonged to Philip, Earl of Surrey, and that it then chiefly consisted of freehold tenements held of the Lord by fealty and certain rents and heriots. The custom of Borough-English prevailed in regard to it. By an inquisition taken at Horsham in 1606-7 it appears to have been subordinate to the Manor of Sheffield-Grensted, of which it was held by John Leedes by fealty and 4d. rent yearly.
The Manors of Hazelden (granted by Henry VIII. to John Baker, his Attorney-General), Bysshecourt and Maresfield (which included the Priory, Forest Row and 100 acres of land) were also partly in the parish of East Grinstead.
There was also a Manor of Mayes within the parish, and in 1624 it belonged to Richard, Earl of Dorset. John Gowland, apothecary to the King, owned it 150
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