The rise and progress of the town and the history of its institutions & people.

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134                    HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
The indenture was dated March 6th, 1871, and was made
between Mr. W. A. Head, Mrs. Mills, Mr. John Mills, Mr.
Henry Mills and others. In the agreement come to it
was arranged that three equal twenty-seconds of the whole
sum so assigned should be set apart
to pay the interest, dividends and income thereof to the vicar, churchwardens and overseers of the poor for the time being of the parish of East Grinstead to be applied by them in such manner as they or the majority of them for the time being should think fit for the purchase of coals for or otherwise for the benefit of the poor inhabitants of the said parish or any of them not being inhabitants of the ecclesiastical district of Forest Row.
At this time the Trustees had £6,550 out on eight mortgages and had also £1,107. 5s. lOd. cash in hand. Half of this, being Mr. John Mills' share, came to the Trust, the other half, on Mrs. Burgess's death, being paid over to the Trustees of her marriage settlement and it has never come into the charitable trust. The present Trustees or Governors are Mr. W. V. K. Stenning (chairman), Mr. J. McAndrew, Mr. G. F. Walker and Mr. A. Bridgland. Mr. E. A. Head is Clerk to the Governors. The capital sum quite voluntarily handed over by Mrs. Mills and her two sons, in accordance with the wishes of both Mr. Smith and Mr. Mills, is now represented by £400 on mortgage of two freehold houses in St. James' Road, East Grinstead, of which the Governors are at present in receipt of the rents; £ 1,130 on mortgage of freehold houses at Richmond; £998. 3s. lid. in India 3 per cent, and £836. 10s. lid. in 2f per cent, consols: a total of £3,364. 14s. lOd. The income is about £115 a year and it has to be divided into 22 parts, of which Cowden, West Hoathly, Withy ham and Hartfield take two each; Forest Row and East Grinstead, three each; and Lingfield and Worth, four each. Each share being at present worth about £5, East Grinstead con­sequently gets some £15 a year from this charity.
Mrs. H. L. Hoper, whose family owned and lived at Thorn Hill, left the sum of £1,077. 9s. 3d. stock for the benefit of the Forest Row portion of the parish. A
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