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140                   HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD.
Official Trustees of Charitable Funds for the County of Surrey. On Jan. 29th, 1864, a scheme was authorised by the Charity Commissioners making the owner of the mansion at Felbridge manager of the charity and receiver of all the income. This scheme further con≠firmed the rules as to the distributing of broth on Thursdays in the winter and the provision of Sunday dinners at the school. The recipients were to be residents in the district of Felbridge or within 21/2 miles of the school house, "and shall be selected and excluded at the discretion of the Manager." The recipients were not to be less than 12 in number, and the Manager was given power to increase them as funds allowed. An amended scheme was approved on December 11th, 1866. The Trustees named were those already given as acting for the School Charity. The mode of distribution was altered. The Manager was to provide victuals and coals, the victuals to consist of beef or other good meat, with or without vegetables, to be distributed each Saturday afternoon or evening, the victuals not to be cooked, but the Schoolmaster to receive 6d. per week for receiving and distributing them. Coals were to be provided to warm the school house at a cost of 30s. a year. As with the School Charity, so with this, its management in time drifted entirely into the hands of Mr. Gatty, who, thougli supposed to annually make a return of the income and expenditure to the Charity Commissioners, only did so on three occasions, and even then did not trouble to balance his accounts. From the returns made it appears that the annual income was £94. 12s. 8d., and Mr. Gatty regularly spent a small portion of this on the school insurance, on coal for warming the building and on cleaning the church, the value of the meat annually distributed being just under £90. The weekly distribution still takes place, but a new scheme is in course of preparation whereby a fresh set of Trustees, of whom Mr. W. V. K. Stenning represents East Grin-stead, will no doubt be given a wider discretion in the application of the income.
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