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An illustrated descriptive guide, to the places mentioned in
the writings of Rudyard Kipling.

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236                      KIPLING'S SUSSEX
know how many " ; and " bruff " for blunt of speech. Remaining Sussex words will be as plain to the " foreigner " as to the native himself.
" Saint Wilfred sailed to Sussex, an' he come to Selsey Bill, An' 'there he built a liddle church upon a liddle hill; He taught the starving Pagans how to net fish from
the sea, An' then he them convarted to Christianitee.
Oh, Wilfred was a Sussex man, a Sussex man was
he, He might ha' bin a furriner, but no such chouse was
he, Says he, " I'll be a Sussex man, no better men there
be!" So sing Hurrah, for Sussex men and Sussex by the
Saint Cuthman come to Stenning, an' there he built
a church, Says he, " The wicked Devil would leave these poor
men in the lurch, But by God's blessing Stenning men through me shall
come to grace," So he ups an' builds a mighty church in that there very pleace.
Chorus—Oh, Cuthman was a Sussex man, etc.
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