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An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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that he committed both murders in twenty days ; that of Hawkins, for which he was condemned, was perpetrated on the 28th of January; and the other, that he was not tried for, which was the murder of Daniel Chater, he committed the 17th of the following month.
It having been said, as soon as Mills was convicted, that the design of him and Curtis in fetching the two Cockrels, the father and brother-in-law of Hawkins, to the Dog and Partridge, was to serve them as they had done Hawkins ; Mills being asked the question, at first seemed very sulky ; but at last said, he believed that if Winter and Eobb had not met them and told them that Hawkins was dead, they should have basted the Oockrels well, when they had got them there; so that in all probability their lives were preserved by Hawkins dying sooner than his murderers expected.
Jeremiah Curtis, alias Pollard, is at Gravelines in France, and has entered himself into the corps of the Irish brigades; but Richard Rowland, alias Robb, he imagined for very good reasons, was not out of the kingdom ; and indeed he was seen and spoken to on East Grinstead Common, which is near that town, the latter end of the month of January last.
Being asked if lie was upon Hind Heath on Saturday, the 14th of January last, when the judges were going over it to hold the assizes at Chichester on the special commission, to try his father and brother, and the rest of the smugglers then in custody, for the murders of William Galley and Daniel Chater; he said he was, and two others were with him, but would not tell their names ; that they had no manner of design against the judges, or any body with them, neither did he or his companions know or think of the judges coming at that
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