Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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174                            SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
31st October, and accordingly came to a resolution to go and rob Mr. Eich, of Linton. Accordingly they all set out, and when they came to Mr. Eich's door, Diprose knocked, and the door was soon opened, on which they all rushed in with firearms and cutlasses in their hands, and seized Mr. Eich and all his family, most of whom they bound, but who they were in particular he could not tell; that those who were not bound had one to stand guard over them, and two of the gang, Crumpton and James Bartlett, rifled the house; and that he believed they took away all the things mentioned in the indictment.
Being asked what he meant by saying he believed they took away all the things mentioned in the indict­ment, said that they did not give him nor Diprose a share of anything more than two gold rings and about seventy pounds in money ; but that since that time he had heard by Crumpton that they took more money and goods at Mr. Eich's of Linton, which he and Bartlett had concealed.
Being asked if he was sure the prisoners at the bar were with him at the commencement of the fact, he said that they all agreed to go to Linton on purpose to rob Mr. Eich, imagining he had got a great deal of cash by him in his house.
Several of Mr. Eich's servants were then produced, who deposed to the like effect of the thieves coming to their master's house, and acting in the manner as was before related by the evidence Eogers; and some of them deposed further that the prisoners and Eogers were, they believed, three of the four men by their size and voices, that robbed Mr. Eich's house, and bound most of his family. Here the proof for the prosecutor was ended.
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