Smuggling & Smugglers in Sussex - online book

An Account of a notorious Smuggling gang in the early 18th Century

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196                            SUSSEX SMUGGLERS.
Mr. Edmonds. I have known Glover ever since the 9th of April last; he came to me and was entered into his Majesty's yard at Deptford the day following; he bore a good character before, and during the time he has been with me he has behaved very well and sober; he obtained a good character of all that knew him; I have had as good an opinion of him as any man I know ; he was with me till the day he was taken.
Mr. Dearing. I live in the parish where this young man was born. I go there for the summer season; I have known him about eighteen years ; being informed of this bad thing, it made me come to London on purpose to say what I knew of him ; we in the country had great reason to believe that bad man Eichards had corrupted him; he was a well-behaved lad before this happened ; his uncle came to me, and the young man came and begged of his uncle, that he would see out for some business for him, in some way or other, adding that he could not bear to live with Richards ; I had just hired a servant, or I had taken him ; just after this bad affair happened, and he was unfortunately drawn into it.
The Rev. Mr. Blagden. I live at Slinclon, in Sussex. The prisoner Glover was my servant; I knew him and his family before; he behaved exceedingly well with me as any could, and if he were discharged from this I would readily take him again; he attended on religious service, public and private, constant; I never heard an ill word or an oath from his mouth, or anything vulgar.
Thomas Lilliwbite's defence: I was down in the country, and a person desired me to take a ride with him; I agreed upon it, not knowing where they were going; I had no firearms, nor was any way concerned.
Fra. Wheeler. I have known Lilliwhite about six
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