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The Sussex Coast
I. Chichefter & Vicinity
THIS city has been the home of British kings, who founded it long centuries ago, of Roman officers who walled it round, of Saxon sovereigns who gave name. Danes traded, Normans ruled and built in its midst. One of the most lovable of our mediaeval saints* lies enshrined in its Cathe­dral Church; after another of its bishops f Chancery Lane is called; a third was the brilliant writer of The Repressor of Overmuch Blaming of the Clergy; t yet a fourth one of the most modern and interesting of all Tudor prelates. § By Edward III. it was made a wool staple town ; till the Civil Wars it was famed for its needles; Elizabeth
* Richard of Wych, Bishop 1245-1253. t Ralph Neville, Bishop 1224-1244; became Lord Chan­cellor, 1226.
t Reginald Pecock, Bishop 1450-1459. § Robert Sherburne, Bishop 1508-1536.
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