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will. Close by the churchyard, in the swampy meadows, is Knucker Hole, a deep open­ing with a spring, where only harmless fish live now. But the name is derived from Nicor, a water monster, and in days gone by a fierce dragon lived there and terrorised the countryside. Sussex once suffered much from such creatures, legends of which probably grew up from the terror inspired in primeval man by the ungainly monsters whose forms the rocks have preserved. However, the King had a daughter, young, beautiful, and good, and he promised to make her the wife of whoever should slay the dragon. A brave Sussex knight, who had been distinguishing himself overseas, about the same time sailed back to his home. So there was a terrific fight followed by a happy marriage, mid the hearty congratulations of the relieved population, and descendants of the illus­trious pair are still living, both in Lyminster and
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